In Conversation with Shakun Batra

Kapoor and Sons poster B:WLast month on April 20, Mr. Shakun Batra, writer and director of ‘Kapoor & Sons’ and ‘Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu’, dropped in to talk to our students about writing, directing and films in general. He discussed his writing process and his experiences. Their mentor, Satyanshu Singh moderated the session. Here are some excerpts from the day.

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NH10-poster b & w

An Afternoon with Mr. Sudeep Sharma

On April 7th, seasoned writer and the man behind ‘NH10’, Mr Sudeep Sharma stopped by the AIB First Draft classroom to talk to the students about writing and filmmaking. It was a two hour discussion, where the students got to ask him questions and gain some semblance of insight on what it’s like to really get a script into production. Their mentor, Satyanshu Singh moderated the session. Here are some excerpts from that day.

Field Trip 1 – Observation Exercise

The first field trip (Observation Exercise) was on 17th March, the third day of the course. On that day the students, in groups of three, went to five different landscapes in Mumbai and clicked ten pictures at each spot. So each one of them clicked at least 50 pictures that day. The condition was: Each photo should, for you, be a new perspective on life – either a new thing, or a new way of looking at things. In the evening, they assembled and individually selected five best pictures from their bunch and then presented them to the class, sharing why they clicked those. Here are the ten standouts!

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The First Month at ‘First Draft’ – Students Share their Experience

Student's experience b & w

At the end of five weeks, the students were asked to write about their experience so far. This post is a compilation of excerpts from what they wrote:

“Has it been 5 weeks already? In these days, I’ve felt everything from excitement and anticipation to exhaustion and absolute nothingness. But the most prominent feeling has been of gratitude. The gratitude for the opportunity – it’s only when a million things go right, does this happen. The gratitude for my family – I could achieve nothing without their unshakeable support. And the gratitude to be simply living this moment – it’s rare and unmatched.”

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