Field Trip 1 – Observation Exercise

The first field trip (Observation Exercise) was on 17th March, the third day of the course. On that day the students, in groups of three, went to five different landscapes in Mumbai and clicked ten pictures at each spot. So each one of them clicked at least 50 pictures that day. The condition was: Each photo should, for you, be a new perspective on life – either a new thing, or a new way of looking at things. In the evening, they assembled and individually selected five best pictures from their bunch and then presented them to the class, sharing why they clicked those. Here are the ten standouts!

All photos were clicked from their respective phones.


Redone Arati-A1

Redone Dhruv-1A

Redone MANOJ 1C

Redone Nisha-1A

Redone Pulkit

Redone Runjhun 1A

Redone Narendra-1C

Redone Jimmy 1A

Redone Gaurav-1BRedone Rishabh_1A

Photos edited by Rohan Murthy.






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