Field Trip 2 – Visual Aesthetics

The second field trip (Exercise in Visual Aesthetic) was on 25th March. A couple of days before this, we had had a lecture on ‘Visual Design in Films’ during which we discussed how filmmakers use images to tell stories. And how these images are made to look aesthetically appealing.

On the day of the field trip, the students went to South Mumbai and clicked at least 35 pictures per head on different topics: use of image size, camera height, compositional balance, and various ways of enhancing depth perspective. On returning to the class, they selected 7-8 pictures for presentation. But this time, they did not make the presentation. Student B presented the pictures of Student A and so forth, appreciating how the tools of visual aesthetic have been used and what could have been better.

All photos were clicked with their respective phones.

Redone Dhruv - 2B

Redone Arati-2B

Redone Gaurav-2A

Redone Jimmy 2B

Redone MANOJ 2C

Redone Narendra-2C

Redone Nisha-2C

Redone Pulkit 2

Redone Rishabh_2A

Redone Runjhun 2C

Photos edited by Rohan Murthy.

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  1. Kalai Arasan
    Kalai Arasan says:

    Yes. A picture is worth of 1000 words.

    Here these pictures say so many interesting stories silently yet so loud.

    I want to be part of this discussion and news letter


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