Field Trip 1 – Observation Exercise

The first field trip (Observation Exercise) was on 17th March, the third day of the course. On that day the students, in groups of three, went to five different landscapes in Mumbai and clicked ten pictures at each spot. So each one of them clicked at least 50 pictures that day. The condition was: Each photo should, for you, be a new perspective on life – either a new thing, or a new way of looking at things. In the evening, they assembled and individually selected five best pictures from their bunch and then presented them to the class, sharing why they clicked those. Here are the ten standouts!

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Week 6 and 7: Creating Your Characters and Setting (Part 1)

The ten students at our course are currently, among themselves, working on sixteen ideas - eight feature films and eight shows. In the second month of the course they are supposed to brainstorm over their ideas, research about the setting and the tone of their stories, and develop characters. This is the phase where there cannot be any right or wrong decision. You have to welcome all ideas and consider them to be used later.

The First Month at ‘First Draft’ – Students Share their Experience

Student's experience b & w

At the end of five weeks, the students were asked to write about their experience so far. This post is a compilation of excerpts from what they wrote:

“Has it been 5 weeks already? In these days, I’ve felt everything from excitement and anticipation to exhaustion and absolute nothingness. But the most prominent feeling has been of gratitude. The gratitude for the opportunity – it’s only when a million things go right, does this happen. The gratitude for my family – I could achieve nothing without their unshakeable support. And the gratitude to be simply living this moment – it’s rare and unmatched.”

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Week 5: The Pitch


If our 26-week course has a Three Act Structure, the end of fifth week is definitely when the Set-Up is complete and Act I ends. I say so, because after four weeks of lectures, analyses, movie-watching, discussions, assignments etc. (as discussed in the previous posts), the fifth week was spent only in fine tuning the film/show ideas that the students had come up with. They wrote and re-wrote the ideas, helping each other, and creating their one-page pitch documents, that comprised of log-lines, plot outlines and treatments. And for that the students had a lot of time by themselves.

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